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DIY Dog Training Online Course

  • Get started online with a comprehensive video course

  • Learn the basics of training your own dogs

  • Learn obedience training commands, problem solving, and manners

  • Suggested readings from experts in the field

  • 8 Professionally produced videos

  • Includes extensive written content to complement video tutorials

DIY Dog Training Course 

The DIY Dog Training Online Course will get you everything you need to start training your dog. Included are obedience commands that will teach your dog how to heel, hit, stay, come, and down on command.

You will also learn some problem solving techniques that will prevent your dog from jumping on people, playful biting, excessive barking, etc. 

Finally, the manners section will teach you how to control your dog indoors, stopping at doors, gates, and boundaries, and go to place on command and stay there. 

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Training Experts

We are not academics or veterinarians talking about dog training. We are ACTUAL DOG TRAINERS talking about dog training!

Proven Track Record

We are top 4% earners in the USA in all dog industries. We actually walk the walk! 

Your Schedule

The online course is just $595. You have access to the class for a year so you can work on the training on your own schedule.

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Meet the Creator of the DIY Dog Training Course

The DIY Dog Training is a course designed by renowned dog trainer and author, Karen Duet. She founded K-9 Companions, a family-owned business, in 1979. She has written 5 published books to date and become a top 4% earner in the USA across all fields of dog related businesses. 

As a 12 year old Karen became hooked on dogs after a very successful run training and showing her first AKC Labrador Retriever in obedience trials. She and her Labrador “Sunny” were regularly beating the adults and were always in the ribbons. At the young age of 18 after taking a professional dog trainers course herself, she struck out on her own starting K-9 Companions Dog Training.

In 1985 Karen met and later married George Duet who was a U.S. Army Retired (Special Ops) warrior. In his 20 years in the Army he had been involved in the military K-9 program. They moved forward as a formidable dog training duo. They learned techniques from other European and American trainers in various fields such as police K-9 and European sport.

First located in Orange County Ca, and then Lake Matthews, CA, they grew to two facilities, training up to 100 dogs a month between in kennel and private lessons. They began training others to be trainers in 1989. In 2016, they moved their training to the Nashville area and have been training dogs and working to create a new generation of trainers at their beautiful, state of the art facility. 

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All The Tools You Need To Be A Successful Trainer

Start your career in dog training for just $2995

The average college tuition in the United States for just one year according to US News is between $10,338 and $38,185. For one year of our dog trainers course, you can become a Certified Master Trainer for just $12,975 and be on your way to a successful career in dog training. Don't wait! This is a special introductory offer and prices are likely to go up in 2023. In addition, you can pay for your education in installments! The online course is just $2995! You can take your online coaching and hands on training at the kennel at any time! Making YOU in control of when your tuition is due!